Cyware : Driving Security through Awareness

One of the well known quotes in the cyber security domain is that of Robert E. Davis who said “To competently perform rectifying security service, two critical incident response elements are necessary: information and organization.” Information is key to foolproof and hack proof cyber security because it leads to cyber awareness. Be it a general internet user who needs all round internet security or a professional cyber security expert who needs to provide a competent security ecosystem to an organization; the requirement of information holds utmost importance to both. Gathering information is a huge challenge. It needs to be well sourced, well processed and above all should be meaningful. This is where a machine learning based cyber security App Cyware comes into the play.

Driving Security through Awareness

Cyware is a first of its kinds cyber security app which inculcates cyber situational awareness by providing expertly curated cyber security news to its users. Cyware continuously scans world wide web for latest news articles on cyber security, selects the important ones and then articulates them in a meaningful summary which can be readily consumed by the user. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, Cyware app helps an individual user or an organization to adopt proactive cyber strategy against threats and cyber threat actors. More so, users can customize the feeds based on their organizational position and professionals as well. A general internet user can customize feeds that help him gain cyber awareness about various online scams, frauds and malicious software flooding the internet and thus helps him maintain internet security. Similarly, the cyber security professionals can also customize the feeds based on their role in the organization. The news feeds are helpful in gathering threat intelligence and can be readily forwarded to the competent authorities be it clients, peers, security vendors or team.

Cyware is a must use App for anyone who wants to power his cyber security and internet security through cyber awareness. Its available for Playstore and iOS and quite easy to use. Cyware helps gain an insight into the cross country and cross industry cyber attacks, breaches, incident learnings, vulnerabilities and thus help bring tactical understanding and higher awareness of the impact and implications of events in cyberspace to both security practitioners and senior leaders, building common, shared knowledge of current cyber threats. It is a must use for organizations who want to always stay a step ahead of threat actors and for general internet users who do not want to fall prey to cyber criminals and their sophisticated cyber attacks thereby ensuring foolproof internet security.

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