Crafty by Storz & Bickel – Everything You Should Know About the 2017 Update

The new, portable, Crafty by Storz & Bickel sets the bar high for all the portable vaporizers, and we don’t expect anything less from them maker of the unbelievable Volcano vaporizer. On account of an ongoing update, more up-to-date vapes will see longer battery life than usual, a software update, and the latest type of smartphone app will have some new highlights included. The Mighty vaporizer, the bigger portable unit from Storz and Bickel, has additionally gotten a couple of new redesigns with the most recent push other than Crafty.

Shockingly, the vast majority of these new application highlights might be accessible to those with software V02.51 or more current. Sadly, there is no real way to update the software on a Crafty vape. So those with V02.50 and above may have the capacity to modify warnings, and deal with other vapes with the new application. Alternate highlights that we will discuss here will show up, yet won’t be useable if you claim an older model of Storz & Bickel Crafty. Let’s have a look:

More battery life – upto 20% higher

The most outstanding update to the Crafty is a battery life that Storz and Bickel professes to last up to 20% longer than the first. In some tests, the researchers could get 6 full 5-minute sessions at 390° F with the Crafty lasting somewhere halfway through the seventh. The vape worked consistently without taking any draws so we feel you need to expect 5-6 session on a full battery in reality. That is 20% superior to the first Crafty model, and superior to both the Boundless CFV and Flowermate Swift Pro convection vaporizers, yet less battery life than other portables.

Updated App for the Updated Model

Other than the longer battery life, as said, alternate updates influence the Crafty’s software and the associated smartphone application without contacting the equipment. Just vapes with software version V02.51 and newer – signified by a “20% more battery control” sticker on the container or effortlessly checked in the application can enjoy all these new application highlights. The older models are unfortunately denied of the new benefits and features introduced in this outstanding vaporizer.

Fire it up remotely

For anybody hoping to streamline their sessions, the application has another element to control the Crafty’s most vital capacity. Press the Crafty logo in the centre point of the application, and you turn on your vape and start the heating procedure, insofar as you’re inside Bluetooth range. It’s a simple method to get things cooking when you return home, so the Crafty is prepared for you when you achieve the love seat.

Smartwatch Feature

When your phone isn’t available, the dedicated smartwatch application can enable you to control your Crafty remotely. The updated version of the application offers full support to Apple Watch, and in addition Android Watch 6 and newer. Obviously, that is just with the vapes brandishing the software V02.51, as the more seasoned models won’t work with that availability.

Dealing with Other Vapes

While the showy new highlights in the Storz & Bickel’s Crafty vaporizer are just for the more latest models of Crafty, the past models will even now advantage from several the application’s updates. The application can speak with various vapes on the double, including new and old models, and will distinguish gadgets that are inside its bluetooth range.

So these are some of the interesting facts about the 2017 update of Crafty by Storz & Bickel. So if you are still planning to buy Crafty, it’s high time you go through these features and make your decision accordingly. Even better, visit To The Cloud Vapor Store to enjoy best offers on your favorite vapes.

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