Considering Points In The Choice Of Second Hand Mobile Phones

The purchase of second hand mobile phones is not an easy task. For a few of us price might be the sole point of consideration, but there are other pointers that you have to keep in mind. Let us explore the pointers by which you can opt for a second hand mobile phone.

Cameras along with other features

Once you have physically gone on to examine the camera lens, check out for the camera app and take a few shots. Though ina second hand phone online you cannot avail this option. There are some high end phones that are known for its unique features like a high resolution camera, 1080 p. It really becomes important to check out the functional features of a camera before you are planning to use one.

Battery along with liquid damage

In certain cases the device might be functional but might have given way to serious damage. This means that it can be functional in a temporary manner. The liquid damage could be an issue as you just need to open the battery and check out. At one of the edges the battery would have a white colour look and the sticker might have turned red or pink. It goes without saying that the owner of the device has to replace the battery, and further inspect as there can be a back sticker on the back side of the phone. In fact most of the high end phones have a sticker at the back of your phone. Even check out the USB ports for charging and keep an eye on discolouration as the ports are incorporated from metal.

Test of secret service codes

By this simple feature it can be found out whether all components in your mobile phone are working. Any smartphone is embedded with a secret code that can be seen online. Just you have to enter the code on to the dialler of the phone and a service menu is going to pop up. A lot of options are going to appear and just tap on each of them to figure out whether they are working or not. But some of the features like battery test might take an hour or so.


The purchase of a second hand smartphone starts with this point and ends on the same note. You have to pay a visit to a number of local shops in your area to understand on how much price you have to pay for the set. This price is going to waiver as per the warranty, internal condition of the phone along with other accessories that are bundled. Obviously you might have to shell out a bit more if accessories are there or it is bundled with warranty.

Another logic holds true that the lesser time frame a phone is used the condition works out to be better. For this reason a vendor is going to inform you whether a phone has been used for 3, 6 or an year.

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