Conserving Water in Commercial Kitchens with High Efficiency Spray Valves

While spray valves have different uses across numerous industries, they all have the same general purpose which is to be able to spray liquid with controlled precision.

The Purpose of Spray Valves

Spray valves are designed to control the way water is sprayed. They are made to increase precision and allow users to better control the application of low viscosity materials. Some replacement spray valves have an external stroke control which makes it even easier to operate the water flow.

Spray Valves in Commercial Kitchens

One of the most prolific users of spray valves are commercial kitchen owners and operators. Commercial kitchens use pre-rinse spray valves that are designed to spray food waste off of dishes before they’re put in a dishwasher and/or dish sanitizer. It is believed that the country’s food service industry uses approximately 53 billion gallons of water for pre-rinsing dishes and pre-rinsing can account for one third of a commercial kitchen’s water usage. If high efficiency replacement spray valves were installed commercial kitchens could save over $100 a year in both energy and water costs and also help with the country’s aggressive water conservation efforts.

National Water Conservation Efforts

The Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) is the nation’s leading expert on conservation efforts. The EPA established WaterSense as a resource to help people save water. WaterSense is striving to change the marketplace for water products and services and is helping educate the nation about the important of water conservation. Effective January 1, 2019 there is a federal regulation that requires pre-rinse spray valves to meet specific efficiency criteria. If you have not updates or replaced your commercial kitchen’s spray valve it’s a great time to do so. Failing to meet federal regulations could result in fines.

One piece of good news is that replacement spray valves are needed much less frequently than replacement spray nozzles.

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