Ayurvedic Treatment For Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is the disease that causes inflammation of joints, swelling with a stiffness of joints. People from all strata and age group and various gender may suffer from arthritis.  They develop and get worse along with age. There are many types of arthritis.

Arthritis means Osteoarthritis that causes a problem in the joint with the advancement of age and overuse of the joint. Another common type of arthritis is commonly known as Rheumatoid Arthritis where the immunity system becomes weak and the joints that are having the thin lining shows swelling, inflammation, and pain.

The symptoms of arthritis

There are various symptoms that commonly start with the pain of the joints or occur suddenly.  The common symptoms can be listed as

  • Regular pain in the joint.
  • The diseased may suffer from frequent fever.
  • During the morning there may occur inflammation in the joint,
  • There is possibility of tenderness and inflexibility in the movement
  • As the cartilage tissue becomes weak and losses its normal flexibility


Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurveda is an age old medical procedure practiced in India. The approach of Ayurveda is natural and holistic

The ayurvedic treatment for arthritis painincludes the following method.

  1. A very common method of arthritis treatment is hot and cold compression

The blood circulation is improved by the heat which enhances the movement of the joint giving more easy movement.

  • Hot compression with hot bags or heating pillow for about 20 minutes is applicable.
  • Bathing in warm water or warm showers are also effective.
  • Compression with hot belts
  • Sauna
  • Treatment with hot axe.
  • Hot and cold tub compression.

Patients with high blood pressure or heart disease must not use sauna or hot shower. Application of cold helps in reducing the pain because the nerve ends are numb but the cold treatment brings down the circulation process. Both hot and cold damages the skin so should be used cautiously.

  1. Massage

Message done in a proper way may also give relief to the patient.

  • Pressure should be applied very moderately.
  • This improves the movement of the joint.
  • Heals the tension and bring relief both short and long term.
  • The anxiety is lessened
  • Calm and cool sleep is provided.

This therapy is more effective under the advice of professional guidance but inapplicable with joint inflammation as   they are too sensitive at that time.

  1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the procedure where various kinds of oils are used in healing the pain. Essential oils are used to create positive mental and physical changes. The oils are the combination of various natural ingredients like camphor, clove and ginger.

The treatment has a focus of reducing inflammation and pain.

  • As they are herbal they are free from side effects and beneficial than regular drugs.
  • Gives relive to pain and brings flexibility in joints.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • The uric acid level is controlled.
  • Repairs the affected tissue and cartilage.


The final note

These are arthritis ayurvedic home remediesand every patient is recommended to start anything only under proper advice of a professional person.

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