Asus zenfone c vs Lenovo k900

Asus a reputed computer hardware brand based in Taiwan has recently launched Zenfone C devise. It is a professionally designed piece with a vibrant display, and it sufficiently feature-rich for a price of Rs 5,999. Lenovo is an established computer manufacturing brand headquartered in Beijing China. It is a trendy phone and also feature packed, and users will find it hard to pick between the two, let’s compare the two phones are pluck the more desirable piece.

Asus zenfone c vs Lenovo k900



Asus Zenfone C is picturesque at first sight, and the main selling feature is the sparkling effect of the exterior framework. The mystery behind the glow is the novelty thinking of Asus to create circular ring pattern like images. The phone is sold in intriguing shades of red, white and black. For a new user, handling the phone is easy, the capacitive buttons situated beneath the screen and covered with a glossy bright silver shade. Take a look at the classy looking logo placed above the screen. It is a dense phone, which may pose a slight strain on the palm, and also the front screen does not have a glass covering. It weighs 150g; the rear portion looks classy garnished with a neat shine. On the bottom is micro-USB port, and there is a headset socket on top. On the right are volume and power buttons, towards the centre of rear, one can spot speaker grille, flash and camera lens.

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Lenovo K900 flaunts a premium design, and users are completely mesmerized by the feel of the shiny rear plastic. The level of smoothness is unmatched compared to the earlier models of Lenovo and it weights 162g. It is a heavier to Asus Zenfone C, but both phones sport equally attractive designs. It is a slender phone with a 6.9mm measurement, and consumers were particularly happy with the feel of stainless steel, and it is silky soft. The phone is sold in classy black colour and the model of display was covered with a shiny copper skin metal.

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Asus Zenfone C is engineered with a vibrant 4.5 inch display with resolution power of 480×854 pixels. It is a touchscreen phone built with capacitive technology.
Lenovo K900 has a 5.5 inch display screen with 1080×1920 pixel resolution power, and it is a touchscreen phone. The screen presence is vivid at first sight, and especially colourful to meet the aspirations of the young demographic.

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Asus Zenfone C has a 5 mega pixel rear camera and 0.3 mega pixel front camera with flash, the phone is not too recognized for its camera power, proven by the fact that users were rather unsatisfied by the quality of images. The pictures were not too clear and looked grainy, the colour output is decent, but not great at all when exposed under bright sunlight, and at night the image quality is all the more on the downside. The camera efficiency is more visible indoors, and the kind of image generated is better.
Lenovo k900 is fitted with a 2 mega pixel front camera and 13 megapixel rear camera with flash. It has flash, sources were immensely satisfied with the 13 MP camera, the quality of images are fantastic, contributed by the high-end camera technology tucked into the phone, and the captured images are of exceptional quality whether pictures are captured outdoor, indoor, macro model, low-light shots and daylight shots. The colour reproduction output is known to marvellous which makes it a threat to its rivals.

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Asus Zenfone C functions on an Android 4.4 operating system, and it equipped with HTML Browser and Java support. The Zen UI Android skin is known to be efficient and supports multiple features. Through the lockscreen, users can find a shorter route to access forthcoming calendar events, alarm status, weather, and messaging apps, dialler and camera. There are many pre-loaded apps, and the popular ones are Party Link and Share Link and through these users can adopt various methods of sharing contacts and photos. There are so many intriguing apps, like Super Note that enables you to form your own note with quotes and pictures. The Zinio app is an exciting spot to view a range of fantastic digital magazines, and Omlet Chat app is a site to just chat away to no end. There is a power saver that changes the brightness of the screen, and the

Clean Master app allows users to remove junk files and also scan for viruses.
Lenovo K900 is engineered with Android 4.1.2 operating system and it has browser HTML and Java support. Users were content with the special shortcut tabs, through which five buttons can be effectively accessed that enables access to brightness, alarm and music systems. When users opened app drawer, the switching between pages was swift and looked stunning as well through the creation of a cool swirling effect. It sounds intriguing and bizarre, but consumers were totally taken it by it.

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Asus Zenfone is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, with 1GB RAM, the interior storage power is 8GB and it can stretch to 32GB through microSD card. Consumers were happy with the performance power of Zenfone C, and it is pretty efficient indeed, taking into account, the budget price range. The phone did not slow down easily and the storage space is limited, mainly forced upon by Asus software bloat.
Lenovo K900 is built with 2GHz dual-core processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The hardware processing capacity contributed by 5.5inch Intel Atom at 2GHz, and there was very little space for lag.

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Asus Zenfone C runs on 2100 mAh battery power and Lenovo K900 functions on a proficient 2500mAh charge.

In terms of appearance, both phones are eye-catchy at first sight; Lenovo K900 is miles ahead of Asus Zenfone C with regard to display resolution intensity. The same holds good for camera technology, software, and hardware and battery power. Lenovo K900 is indeed, the better choice out of the two.

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