All You Need To Know About Virtual Number For SMS

Virtual mobile number for SMS is a newly found disposable service which provides virtual numbers to customers for a better and safe communication. Sometimes people don’t want to use their real numbers to verify and fill in some untrusted websites. In case there’s a fraudulent activity, their mobiles can get hacked and they will go into a lot of hassle. These virtual phone numbers are usually free and they are available almost for a month. In case there’s an emergency the service providers can replace the numbers on a daily basis. Virtual phone number SMS services also provide private numbers and from them one can register for various websites.

These services provide various facilities and one can use them to do the following things:

  • Send text online: With this service, one can send a text online to his/her staffs and customers. An employee can also import contacts and manage lists all through his/her account.
  • Email to SMS: Because sending text from an email is easy, the company convert your email into a text message and deliver it with all the replies arriving as emails.
  • SMS gateway API: The Company provides a SMS gateway with your website using SMS API tools and adds text messaging which helps the business workflow.
  • SMS software for PC: The Company also lets you send targeted text messages, either at bulk or one at a time to your audience.
  • Two-way SMS chat: The Company provides an online chat system with which one can send or receive instant text messages. It is very suitable for remote communication with staff and customers.
  • SMS distribution list: You can create a distribution list address through with you can forward an email as text message to all mobile numbers saved in the list.
  • Global SMS coverage: This kind of service provides a wide range of network. With this service, one can reach up to more than 1000 mobile networks across 250 countries.
  • Zapier SMS integration: Zapier is an automation which one can use to connect your service provider with other favourite apps. It helps spreading the business.
  • SMS surveys for collecting feedback: the surveys help to improve experience and get valuable feedback on your services immediately from the audience.
  • Two-factor authentication SMS: Users can authenticate via text messages and can secure low level transactions, and add an extra layer of security to your software.
  • Carrier lookup and number validation: The service can identify invalid phone numbers and carriers instantly which results in better delivery rates with SMS campaigns.
  • Email lookup and validation: With this one can check the status and risk level of email addresses with the company’s professional email validation service and API.

There is also all-in-one business text messaging service for public use. With this one can create sub-accounts for team-members, send long messages, can use the SMS sender ID as the company name to turn simple SMS into a powerful branding tool, sending an SMS in any language and so on.

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