How to Make Yourself Ready for all Important JEE examination

Engineering is the most coveted career in India. Each year, thousands of students appear for engineering exams, namely Joint Entrance Exam or popularly known as JEE entrance exam. Once a student gets admission in any IIT centre after passing the JEE main exam, reality starts to creep into the life of an engineering student.

JEE examination

But it is neither easy nor difficult for an engineering student to crack the JEE Main rank predictor exam to enter the best engineering colleges and institutes. It all depends on their seriousness and disciplined preparation for the exam.

Some of the tips to prepare for JEE exams are provided below:

Know the JEE Mains Papers:

  • In JEE Mains, there are two papers. You can select either one or both of these papers.

As for the 1st paper, it is generally for students who would want to go for either B.Tech or B.E.
You have the option to take the exam either to appear online or sit for the exam, offline.
There are three subjects in this paper. They are PCM – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • The 2nd paper is only for those students who would want to go ahead with B. Planning or B.Arch.

Here, you have to sit for the exam in offline mode only.
Question patterns are on Mathematics, drawings and Aptitude Test.
Three is the number of times each student is permitted to sit for the exam.

Know the JEE Advanced Papers:

You have to pass JEE Mains, then only you can appear for the JEE Advanced exam.
There are two papers. It is compulsory for you to attempt both the papers.
You can choose either of these two languages – English or Hindi for the exam.
The students are permitted to undertake two JEE Advanced exam attempts.

Know Well Your 10th and 12th Standard NCERT Books:

The best time to start preparing JEE exam is from your school days when you start to do problem solving with the help of your schoolbooks.

Go in details with your NCERT textbooks. Solving problems from NCERT books and then learning the question patterns from it is the stepping step to preparing for JEE examinations and scoring marks. By absorbing the board syllabus, you pave the way to an early start for JEE/IIT and all the important engineering entrance exams in the future.
Importance of JEE, IIT JEE Coaching Classes:

  • There are many IIT JEE coaching centres, which provide IIT JEE crash courses.

Short duration of 23 to 25 days crash course, 6 hours a day.
This starts as soon as the 12th board examination got over.
It teaches IIT JEE aspirants the tactics of solving problems by making them solves easy, medium to difficult problems.
Tips to solve Physics, Maths and Chemistry questions related for IIT JEE.
Whoever attends the IIT JEE crash course gets 60% to 70% benefits during the entrance exam.

  • There are also many online and offline full time coaching courses for all JEE exams.

It assists you to your target by guiding you on many varieties of questions and subject matter from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of 11th and 12th classes.
With the support of JEE coaching and teaching, you can very easily construct your skills of solving problems which will later help you in the JEE exam or in fact, any engineering entrance exams.
Students get the benefits of group discussion and discussion with the teachers.

How To Self-Study or Self Preparation Without Attending Coaching Classes:
In recent years it has been researched that 63% passed candidates are those who do self-study on their own without attending any coaching classes.

  • Start early; refer to your NCERT 11th and 12th Class books.
  • Ask questions to your teachers in your class.
  • You don’t have to waste time in travelling for the JEE coaching class.
  • You can practice on mock tests available online.
  • Solve and practice on previous years’ IIT JEE papers.
  • Never skip or dismiss any questions while solving problems.


With all these tips keeping in mind, you can only study and prepare for the IIT JEE Mains, JEE Advanced in a smarter way and thus helping you crack the most important engineering exam in the best possible high score.

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