Advanced Healthcare Technologies to Save Life

Advanced Healthcare technologies are a boon in the field of medicines. They have ensured that people can live healthier, longer and independently. New machines and treatments have saved the lives of millions. Some of the ways in which the latest healthcare technology has helped in saving the lives of people directly or indirectly are:

Advanced Healthcare Technologies

1. Connecting Doctors and Patients: Now patients can consult doctors via video chat or web chat and get expert opinion by sitting at their home. This may save their life as they get such prompt service.

2. Linking doctors with other doctors: Doctors can now communicate with their colleagues residing anywhere in the world. This helps them in taking expert opinion regarding patient’s case with more conciseness and accuracy. This ultimately leads to better results.

3. Modern Translator Machines: It is incredibly interesting to note that some of the hospitals have translator machines which can translate from English language to Spanish, French, German and other such modern languages. This enables effective communication between the doctors and patients and eliminates any language barrier. Now the patients can be cured effectively.

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4.  Modern Gadgets helping patients in daily monitoring of Blood Sugar, calorie counting, blood pressure, etc.: The modern technology has ensured patients to be more vigilant and alert. Now there are plenty of blood glucose monitoring machines, blood pressure check machines, and other calorie counting machines available in the market which can help such patients in monitoring their health closely. This eventually prevents them from any sudden heart attacks, low sugar condition called hypoglycaemia, etc.

5 .Introduction of Virtual queues resulting in reduced wait times: The frustration caused by unlimited waiting has now been eliminated with the introduction of virtual queues. Now patients are told how many people are ahead of them and are given an estimate of when they can see a doctor. This saves them from long stretches in the waiting room. Although it is useful for everyone but specifically those patients who suffer from major ailments benefit are best taken care of by this.

6.  Role of Social Networking Websites: The social networking websites are very popular nowadays. Apart from helping everyone to connect with one another this serves other purpose as well. Studies have revealed that now patients of similar illnesses share information with each other and discuss about their illness, preventive measures, diagnostic tools and such issues which help them in handling their disease effectively.

7.  Needle-Free Diabetes Care: Realizing the fact that a patient has to prick his finger for getting his blood sugar checked, new technology has come up with needle-free diabetes monitoring. This machine works on transdermal bionsensor which reads blood analytes through the skin without drawing blood. This saves patients from getting any infection from inserting needles in their finger.

8. Coronary stents saves a multitude of people: In the treatment of cardiovascular disease, the use of coronary stents has halved the number of those dying from heart attacks or suffering heart failure. These artificial tubes are used to keep the arteries open there reducing any blockage and thus saving the unnecessary pressure on heart.

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