A Tour to the World of Canvas Tent

Tents have been a part of life since time immemorial. They can be used as an alternative to a living space, in the gardens, lawns, while camping, during difficult times, disasters, and much more. Looking at them or while having an overview, they serve to be a home to everyone who prefers it. Loved by people of all ages, they are still a preference of many. From kids to the people of old generations, one would pick tents over the hotel rooms that the busy world now sets its hands. To satisfy the tent lovers, and exhibit the variety it is now into the White Duck Outdoors has everything for the customers to lay their eyes. 

Canvas tents

Tents come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in different varieties ranging in colors, material, etc. One of the most popular sections by which people buy tents is by the element of the body. The tent material includes cotton, plastic, rubber, nylon, canvas, and much more. One of the most preferred materials for a tent is the canvas. It is not just abundantly available as it comes from natural fibre. Originally and historically made from hemp, the making is now from a mix of cotton or linen along with PVC in a minimum amount. Canvas tent is, therefore, the prime and the most asked tents. 

Benefits of Canvas tents

Canvas tents can be bulky to carry over to the synthetic tents that come inside the backpack. These tents are therefore picked below to the others. But they come in loaded with uncountable benefits that the other tents cannot provide. The benefits are:

  • They offer excellent UV protection as the fabric is thicker. These fabrics allow minor heat to penetrate, leading to a calmer and more comfortable atmosphere. 
  • The material leads to a longer life of the tent. The durability goes high even when it gets continuous exposure in camping sites and severe conditions. 
  • It provides for insulation as per the temperature requirement. The canvas tent does not allow the sun rays to enter comfortably during the summers. It also supports fire inside to keep the tent warm during the winter. 
  • Over to the synthetic tents available around the market, the tents made of canvas are breathable. The breathability of these tents does not allow condensation, keeping humidity at bay and comfort at its maximum. 
  • The canvas tents have cotton as their base material and therefore serve for the checkbox of environment friendly. They are biodegradable and do not pose any danger to the mother earth. They are, therefore, sustainable. 
  • These tents are simple to service over the synthetic ones. They are uncomplicated and do not change their properties when fixed.
  • The canvas tent is usable in rough surfaces consisting of stones, rocks, and other natural yet sharp disturbances. Although, they too have limits. They survive better than the synthetic ones. 
  • These tents are more realistic, and the walls, floor, windows, entrance, and exit are more enchanting over to the other tents available. They induce the feel of a tiny house. 
  • The tents made of canvas are thick and do not move away with the wind. They offer excellent wind protection and are ideal for glamping and camping in the open area. It is perfect as one does not have to bother about the tent flying away. 
  • Canvas tent can be customized and designed as a person wants. From altering the thickness of the material to choosing the dimensions of the tent, doors, and windows, everything can be a choice. 
  • These tents are usually a sign of professionalism and excellence. It is an elegant and royal present packed in with a challenge. 

The canvas is the most preferred material when it comes to tents. It has every characteristic that the best-fit tent should exhibit. Standing straight to every game played towards it, it is the toughest of all. One must go for buying the canvas tent from a popular-priced shop as it requires a check to the material. Online purchasing, although available, should be the last choice, as some things are better traditionally. Tents once purchased go on for a long time. They are durable and often a one-time investment. These one-time purchases should always be worthy. Right?

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