A Guide To Buying Your Canon EOS Camera

As anyone from an amateur photographer to a professional will know, not every camera is made the same. Even cameras that seemingly share the same name can wildly vary. Take Canon’s EOS line of cameras, as an example.

Canon EOS Camera

A vast array of EOS model cameras can be purchased online or in-person, but each and every one is suited for specific needs and functions. Some EOS cameras are better suited for beginners, while others are geared towards advanced users. Rather than buying a camera you truly don’t need, check out our rundown of EOS models below.

The EOS M Models
Example: EOS M3
When you learn that the “M” stands for “mobility,” you get a better idea of what this particular EOS line is built for. Geared towards amateur photographers who will be snapping images on the go, all EOS M cameras feature an EF-M lens mount and a fairly compact size. New models are also all equipped with integrated Wi-Fi features, thus allowing you to take photos remotely and share them instantly.

The EOS Rebel Models
Example: EOS Rebel SL1
Designed for consumers without the strongest photography-abilities, EOS Rebel cameras are built with all-around functionality and an intuitive interface that makes them quite a breeze to use. EOS Rebel cameras are made even more accessible by their affordable price range, making the model a great choice for those first breaking into the realm of photography.

2-Digit EOS Models
Example: EOS 70D
A step up from Rebel models, 2-digit EOS model cameras are designed with fairly advanced amateur photographers in mind. Equipped with a higher frame rate and sturdier than the previous models mentioned, most 2-digit EOS camera are also built with a small pop-up flash unit.

1-Digit EOS Models
Example: EOS 7D Mark II
Now we fully come to the “prosumer” end of the EOS camera spectrum, as 1-digit models are designed specifically for professional-level photographers. With a full frame sensor, improved weather sealing, and a tougher construction, 1-digit EOS cameras feature a functional improvement from all aforementioned models in nearly every way. Most models don’t come equipped with a flash, however, thus requiring an external lighting source or equipment.

Model number 1 EOS
Examples: EOS 1D
Whereas the 1-digit EOS cameras are built for anyone with the photographic skills of a professional, model number 1 EOS camera are made for those who are photographers by trade. Much larger in build than even the premium EOS models, cameras like the EOS 1D are built with a 100% viewfinder, improved weather sealing, faster performance. All of those improvements come at a price, however, as model 1 EOS cameras are quite pricey, but can be seen as more an investment to a professional photographer.

Featured image courtesy of: Henry Söderlund

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