Perform Disk Cloning With A Free Hard Drive Cloning Software

Computers are present in almost every house, every organization, and every mall, in every hospital and in every part of our life today. We certainly cannot live without using computers and even the simplest tasks of ours cannot be done with their use. Despite of so much improvements in their technology and software, they are still prone to damages like hardware malfunctioning, hard drive corruption, etc.

Data is certainly the most important thing in the computer. Everything can be reinstalled ranging from the operating system to the application software but what can’t be recreated is the data. As the computers are still vulnerable to damage, it is very important to keep a regular back up of your data so that if in any case the computer gets disturbed, you have a copy of your important files, folders and images.

Now the question is, how can you do that? You need to clone your system so that if in any case, your data may not be compromised. But how can youclone your system? The answer to this question is also pretty much simple, by using EaseUS Todo Backup Free, a free hard drive cloning software which also supports Windows 10 backup.

Free Hard Drive Cloning Software
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Hard Drive Cloning Software:

Getting a disk/SSD cloning software is not an easy task. Although there are hundreds of disk cloning software available in the market but either they are too much expensive or they do not provide quality service which are both very essential factors. What you can do is to get EaseUS Todo Backup Free which is not only amazing but absolutely free of cost.
This backup software allows you to create the backup of your entire file without spending any money on buying expensive backup software. Using its streamlined interface, EaseUS Todo Backup Free allows you to backup your important files and your entire computer easily. Just install the program on your system and choose the type of backup you need to perform and let the EaseUS Todo Backup Free do its job.

How to Work With EaseUS Backup Free Hard Drive Cloning Software?

Working with EaseUS Todo Backup Free is not much difficult. You first need to download it from either their official website or from popular software downloading websites like Cnet and half of your work is already completed.

After that, select the type of backup you need, file backup or partition/disk backup, for your needs to perform a backup of folder or to create a backup of entire hard drive. It will start running and create a backup file in the blink of an eye. If you need to clone HDD to SSD, just follow the guide starting with clicking “Clone”.

Whenever you want to recover the files, you can simply click the Todo backup files and the files will be open in the form of folder which allow you to recover individual files and folder. You can also go for full integrated restore function as well.

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