A Brief History of Using E-Cigarettes and Vape Juice

It is important to understand that vaping is a modern trend, but you probably did not know that vapes have roots in ancient history. For instance, since Ancient Egypt people used vaping techniques through vape herbs and hot stones.

At the same time, thousands of years ago,the first shisha entered India, and all these techniques brought us to this particular point and the invention of current, modern vapes.However, you are probably asking yourself who invented the idea of contemporary e-cigarette.

Before you decide to choose an organic vape juice, you should learn everything about them so that you can make a quality purchase.

How It All Started?

The inventor of electronic cigarettes was Joseph Robinson in 1927, but only in the mid-’60s, Herbert Gilbert created smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. Since then Chinese firm, Hon Lik created the first modern e-cig that we use today.

We all know that one of the most popular drugs of people is nicotine. Similar to other things, people found different ways to consume it. First, they smoked it, vape it, chew it, and apply it on their skin with the idea to consume it.

You will not be surprised to hear that some people even tried to inject nicotine, even though it could be deadly and end up with intoxication. The main compound of tobacco is nicotine, and often people mix it with other harmful substances such as alcohol and marijuana.

Since the very beginning, numerous devices entered the market with the idea to satisfy people’s wish to consume nicotine such as bongs, hookahs and many more. Today, we live in a tech society, which means that the healthiest way to consume nicotine is through vaporizers with different forms and tastes.

However, vaping has a long history, and even Herodotus explained that in Egypt people decided to heat herbs and oils on a hot stone with the idea to vape. More than 1500 years ago, Irfan Sheikh invented shisha, which happened on the other side of the world, which is Afghanistan today.

When Did E-Cigarettes Start?

Most people do not know that Joseph Robinson in 1927 came up with the idea of a cigarette that you can smoke by using electricity. However, the name is more important in the history of vaping,and that is Herbert A. Gilbert who created the first invention that could save lives. Nevertheless, it did not end so well.

Click here if you want to learn more on Herbert A. Gilbert.

During ‘8-s Normal Jacobson and Phil Ray wanted to commercialize the idea of e-cigarettes. However, FDA did not approve to tobacco companies to introduce them to the market. Europewas also placed where vaping was popular.

Bill Amato invented first cannabis vaporizer in Amsterdam. Therefore, desktop vaporizers are based on his ideas. These events have to lead to the point of the invention of contemporary vapes. Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik created the first electronic cigarette. His employer RuyanGroup helped him introduce it to the world.

The main reason why he did that was that his father died from lung cancer due to chronic smoking. The first electronic cigarettes appeared in the USA in 2007, and they became immediately popular.

Modern E-Cigarettes

You should understand a few essential elements of vaporizers so that you can get familiar with them:

  • Battery – The main component of the e-cigarette is the battery,and that is the main reason why we call it electronic in the first place. The idea is that you can activate it by pressing a button or by inhaling it.
  • Atomizer– You should attach atomizer to the batterybecause it is the main component that vaporizes the liquid. It does so by increasing its heat,and when it becomes hot enough, it will create vapor and provide you nicotine hit. The atomizer features a coil that wills battery power, and this will give you a chance to enjoy the full flavor and taste that you have chosen.

Cartridges And Tanks – These containers will keep your nicotine liquid, but have in mind that pure nicotine can be lethal. That is why you should keep them away from pets and kids.

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