6 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of your Luxury Car

Buying a luxury car is a big investment so it makes sense to take every precaution you can think of to make it last as long as possible. Aside from regular maintenance and servicing there are a few tricks you can carry out yourself to extend the life of your car.

Whether you have just bought a brand new luxury car, or you have invested in a second-hand version, you still want it to last as long as possible and retain that luxury feel for as long as possible so we compiled these six easy tips just for you.

Keeping your car in tip-top condition and roadworthy for years needn’t cost the earth – you can carry out many techniques yourself to help lengthen the life of your precious luxury vehicle. Car care guru Emily of had some tips to share with us – check some of them out here:

1. Only drive your luxury car when necessary

Unless you are planning to drive your luxury car every day it goes without saying that it will last longer the less you use it. It will still depreciate and will still need to be maintained regularly but fewer miles means less wear and tear.
During the cold months it’s best to drive your car slowly until it is properly warmed up to avoid problems with your engine seizing. Luxury cars should also be cared for and stored away somewhere dry and safe such as a garage, when not in use, to preserve them for longer.

Extend the Life of your Luxury Car

2. Clean your car properly

Make sure you keep your luxury car fully washed at least twice every month, including spray washing the underneath of the car to remove any build-up of dirt and debris from the road – this is particularly important during the winter months.

Keep the exterior cleaned but also waxed and polished to protect the paintwork from damage and abrasions, particularly if you do drive it very regularly. The interior also needs looking after and cleaning regularly to keep it in good condition and retain that luxury feel during every journey.

3. Make use of the handbrake

If you have an automatic luxury car make sure you use your handbrake rather than relying on leaving the car simply in park. Leaving it in park puts pressure on the costly transmission system, whereas the handbrake doesn’t, and is cheaper to replace if it goes wrong.

Make sure your handbrake is checked and tightened when your car goes in for its MOT and annual servicing to keep it in top working order, giving you confidence when relying on it to hold your car firmly in place.

4. Regular professional servicing

Make sure you get your luxury car booked in for at least an annual professional service to help keep it in great condition and running for longer. This type of regular maintenance will help to spot any potential issues before they become too problematic.

Ideally, have your luxury car serviced by a specialist who works only on your particular brand of luxury cars, that way you can be sure they know what they are doing and also will know any of the typical faults which might occur and how to spot them quickly.

5. Replace fluids regularly

As well as full services, you should make sure you get the fluids checked and changed regularly, according to the car’s manual. The more miles you cover, the more frequently this will need to take place. Make sure the oil and other fluids are checked every 10,000 miles or so – or however your manual advises.

6. Check and replace brake pads

Another way to keep your car running for longer is to make sure the brakes are in good condition – have the brake pads and all elements checked and replaced if needed, on a regular basis – particularly during the winter months.

You can have a winter roadworthiness check in between services to make sure your car is up to dealing with the bad weather and what it might throw at your vehicle, so to ensure it can cope with all seasons and keep going for many years to come, keep up-to-date with all the checks.

With regular checks, servicing and maintenance your luxury car should offer you decades of driving pleasure – for as long as you plan to keep it. Securing it in a garage overnight and in the cold winter months might help to make it last longer, and minimising the amount of time you take it on the road will also help.

However, you didn’t buy a luxury car to hide it away, so as long as you spend the money and time to keep it regularly serviced, have all the fluids changed regularly and keep the car clean and free of debris, the engine and the exterior should remain as good as new for as long as you continue to care for the car.

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