5 Pages Every eCommerce Store Should Have

Are you an online store owner or just planning to launch an online business? In any case, the information in that article will be useful and beneficial for you.

Now I will ask you to answer the question: what are pages that every online store needs? The homepage – ok, the categories – yes, product pages – you are right again. All these pages are like bricks for building a strong online store and it’s impossible to imagine a shop without at least one product page.
But in this article I would like to dig deeper and list the pages that are very important but still sometimes overlooked by store owners. Let’s find out!

eCommerce Store


If a customer visits an offline store, he usually buys a product and takes it with him. But it’s impossible in an online store so you should gap this bridge and provide your clients with full information on shipping and delivery. You can have labels on product pages like “Ships within 24 hours”, “Next day delivery”, “Free delivery”, etc.
But you can’t explain all the shipping peculiarities and show all the possible options/prices on a product page. So you create a page with a detailed overview of your shipping and delivery options. This helps save time for your customers as well as for your support managers as they won’t need to answer shipping related questions a few times a day.

Returns Policy

When a person buys something, he doesn’t think straight away that he will return his order. But still he understands that such a possibility exists. So you should clearly explain your return policy. This will add credibility to your store as this means you take care of your clients and that you sell quality products.


There is no doubt that an online store should have intuitive and clear site navigation. But if you create an HTML sitemap, this will guide users through your store even better. Of course, not every client coming to your shop looks for a sitemap and navigates with its help. But such people exist and you should take them into account. Moreover, having an HTML sitemap will make it easier for Google to crawl your site.
It may be hard to create a real map of your online store, especially if it’s large. But you can always use HTML sitemap generators that can even help customize the map by excluding unnecessary pages from it.

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Users like to know who stands behind the shop so many of them really visit the “About” page to get to know you better. You can reflect your mission and goals here as well as add your staff photos. This helps to become more familiar with you and feel at ease. You online shop is has pixels & codes but it should also have a human face and character.


Even if you think you’ve answered all the questions, you should understand that there are people who will ask more. This means you should have a Contacts page with all the relevant info. Moreover, it will show your customers that you are not hiding, that you are here to discuss the things with them and answer their questions.

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Final Thoughts

It’s hard to have a good online store; it’s even harder to make this store successful and user friendly. But you can make your steps on this way and leave your competitors behind.

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