3 Tips to Identify the Finest Firewood Quality While Purchasing

Firewood is one of the primary needs for winter season if you have an adequate place to burn it. In this era of automated heating systems, still, people love to prefer firewood for heat.

A fireplace is the best location to gather with family or friends to enjoy chatting, snacks & drinks. If you are preparing for the same, it is advisable to find a seller of high-quality firewood.

Keep one thing in mind that all woods are not equal when it comes to fire efficiency. On the basis of quality, firewoods are classified in soft & hard categories. The quality of firewood depends on its source. If you purchase an inferior quality intentionally or unintentionally, it will be a worthless investment. This article has some crucial information that will surely prevent you from buying bad quality firewood.

Tips how to identify good quality firewood

  • It must be hardwood

When it comes to choosing between hard and soft firewood, always go with the first option. The hardwood comprises many properties that make it an ideal fuel for indoor & outdoor burning. The tree species of hardwood are heavier than the softwood because of the molecular structure. Due to the high density, it burns with consistency for a long time. Also, most of the hard firewoods release very less amount of smoke during combustion.

  • Perfectly seasoned

The firewood that you are going to buy must be perfectly seasoned because high moisture level reduces is quality standard. If it is not seasoned, the inner moisture prevents from burning efficiently. Also, it releases an excessive quantity of smoke. For checking the seasoning level, ask them to deliver the stock with a moisture meter. These meters are helpful in measuring the water level. It must be not more than 25% otherwise both soft & hardwoods will be worthless. The firewood merchants process their stock through two different processes i.e. natural seasoning with sunlight & kiln seasoning. If you want quality assurance, always ask for kiln seasoned firewood because they are processes thoroughly through the drying process.

  • Know the firewood species
    It is important to know the species of firewood because every tree has different burning efficiency. For instance, if you buy ironbark firewood in Sydney, it will be a much better option than pine. While ordering a stock of firewood in bulk, ask the seller about tree species. Search the online to identify whether they are capable of burning efficiently or not.

How to Arrange Firewood Stock Affordably?

  • Check for a decaying tree in your property

If you don’t want to invest heavily for firewoods,  find out some alternate options. The first option is your land property. If trees are decaying in your property, get a chainsaw on rent and slice them down. After cutting in small pieces, let them to dry in the sunlight for 2 to 3 months. The wood will be ready to burn.

  • Contact the nearest arborist agencies

The arborist agencies regularly deal with heavy and large trees and their remaining parts are nothing more than waste for arborists. Nevertheless, it can be the best firewood source. Search online for the nearest arborist agencies and ask them if they recently cut down any tree. 

  • Visit your local sawmills 

The sawmills in your locality can also be the affordable sources of firewood. After obtaining useful slippers for furniture manufacturing, the remaining parts of tree can be used as firewood. Most of the timber at sawmills is obtained from hard firewood which is good for both furniture manufacturing as well as burning too.

Always remember these tricks and tips whenever you approach someone for the purpose of buying good quality burning woods. Try to approach the nearest options in your area because you can also visit there for checking personally.

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