2018’s Best Meal Replacement Shakes For People With Diabetes

Meal replacement shakes are inexpensive, convenient, and the safest way to lose some weight, whether it is for health purposes or a wish to slim down for summer. It is always the best part of a diabetic’s diet plan. Most meal replacement shakes contain various minerals, vitamins, lean protein (about 15-20 grams), and the right quantity of fiber to stop hunger. Every user is allowed to pick any brand according to their preferences and budget. However, the choices are limited for diabetics due to the strict diet requirements for diabetes. With the numerous brands in the market today, it is necessary to identify which ones are the best meal replacement shakes that will be suitable and simple to use.

Meal replacement shakes are not supposed to be used by anyone at any time. They are made for people who are in dire need of them. In a situation where people feel that they are overweight and need to lose shed a little weight so that they can fit into their new fancy outfit to attend a particular event or to be attractive during summer. Losing a few pounds will make them healthier and better. Another group that requires meal replacement shakes is the people with lifestyle disorders particularly obesity. This is a common problem which often results in diabetes and controlling it can be a bit difficult but is worth the struggle as it is a significant way of improving both the quality and length of life.

Best meal replacement shakes provide everything that the user is looking for. As it helps in reducing weight, training the body to anticipate a little food while giving all the nutrition required by the body. Diabetics are usually advised to consume dietary products that contain low carbohydrate and sugar content which can help in regulating their glycemic levels. Most meal replacement shakes that are recommended for the diabetics contain fiber with minimum Required Dietary Allowance.

The following are 2018’s best meal replacement shakes for the diabetics so far:


This particular shake is rich in chocolate and comes in various flavors. It also has different versions such as the 10b oz (Hunger Smart) and 8 oz versions. The 8 oz version is composed of a Carbsteady formula that is useful in reducing a sudden rise in the level of blood sugar. The product is available in powder form and as a ready-made in 16 packs. The shakes contain all the essential minerals and vitamins, and low content proteins (10 grams), the modest nutrient pack. This meal replacement shake has numerous advantages: It is specifically manufactured for the diabetics, it is available in powder and in ready-made form, it comes in different versions such as the 8 and 10 oz versions, has low content carbohydrates and proteins with various flavors, contains essential minerals and vitamins and is recommended by most nutritionists and doctors. However, the shake has a poor taste and can only be used occasionally.


This is a glucose control drink that is formulated specifically for the diabetics. It offers a balance of 16 grams proteins, all the essential minerals and vitamins and low content carbohydrates. It is comforting to purchase a product that is produced by a well-known manufacturer, for Boost shake, the manufacturer is Nestle. The company has gone an extra mile to produce this shake in three different flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate to give consumers a wide range of choices. The 24 pack 8 oz version is available at an affordable price, it is also ready-made so there is no waste of time trying to prepare it for use. The only drawback for this meal replacement shake is that it cannot be used by people with galactosemia.


This shake from the IDLife company can be used by everyone regardless of whether the individual is diabetic or not. The best thing about this product is that it is all natural with low sugar and carbohydrate content. It is manufactured with 7 ingredients, low whey protein content (23 grams). It is soy free, gluten free, lack hormones and is non-GMO. The problem is that it is very expensive and not specific for the diabetics.


This is one of the best meal replacement shakes which is protein-rich. It is recommended for alcoholics. Although not specific for diabetics, their low sugar, and carbohydrate contents make them suitable for people with diabetes. They are blended with all the essential minerals and vitamins offering only 20 grams of protein per serving that is necessary for promoting satiety. The shakes are ready-made, contains low calories, affordable and available in excellent taste. However, it is less nutritious compared to other products.

Ensure (Enlive) Nutrition Shake

This shake contains proteins (20 grams per serving), high sugar and carbohydrate contents and high calories so it might be challenging when used by a diabetic unless they split it into two servings.

It takes a lot of considerations to select a brand from the best meal replacement shakes listed above. For people with diabetes, Boost and Glucerna can be the best choice as they are specifically designed for diabetes control. One can confidently choose Glucerna since most nutritionists and doctors have recommended it

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