Read These 10 Tips about Home Automation to Reduce Your Electricity Bills by 30%

Home automation enhances the value and control of home machines automatically or remotely. The trend of home automation started with labour-saving devices like washing machines and dryers. Few home automation devices are stand alone and do not interact, just like a programmable light switch, whereas others are the member of internet and can be operated with remote control and data transfer.

Use of hardware home automation devices includes sensors like cameras and thermoelectric, actuators to do things, controllers to control things remotely or automatically, and intelligence systems. Remote control can reach from a simple remote control to a smartphone via Bluetooth, to a network on the other side of the world connected to the internet. The use of home automation systems has effected in huge reduction of electricity, however it is recommended to follow some important tips to have an impact on the same.

Drapes and curtains

Open curtains and drapes throughout the day to let the glowing sunshine in. Direct sunlight in a home through the cold months can provide natural heat and also light up your light. At night, close the drapes and blinds to prevent drafts. This natural heat and light is an effective way which can help you reduce on electricity cost.

Home Automation to Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Hot Shower

Want to take the hot shower, let the home automation take care of it. Just insert the preferred temperature and let the home automation do this work. The water can be heated using home automations that basically works on solar energy and can provide the desired heat to the person willing to have shower.


All the modern home automation systems have thermostat installed in the machines which controls the temperature and functions accordingly. While you are using electrical equipment the thermostat automatically turns of the device as and when it reaches to a desired level of temperature thus cutting majorly on your costs.


Switched on light bulbs and some other small devices are also cause the wastage of energy but don’t worry home automation can take care of it. Using motion sensors can sense the presence of person in room or the use of device and turn off the light bulbs and other small devices if no one is using them.

Energy efficient schedule

The best thing about home automation is that it makes your home smart and let it interact with you in setting energy efficient schedule. The energy flow and consumption within your home can be preset as per your requirement and thus flow of energy and electricity can be accordingly regulated cutting immensely on your cost.

Smart schedules

Home automations provides you the option of smart schedules which can control the thermostat and switch lights on or off based on time of day and day of the week which helps in reducing the electricity bill. The smart schedules can also be altered as per the requirement of home owners and thus avail complete benefits of smart schedule.


The home automation system provides you real-time notifications whenever a thermostat setting is changed or any home appliance is not working efficiently. Hence you are continuously updated on the change of status on appliances, so that you can efficiently make alteration or changes and save electricity cost.

Monitor the cost

With home automation systems you can monitor which devices are consuming the most energy and accordingly you can alter the usability of devices. If in case the devices are consuming a lot amount of electricity it is recommended to cut down its usage and thus cut down a lot on your spending on electricity cost.

Energy efficient pattern

After monitoring your security systems, you will be in a position to create an energy efficiency pattern of your home. With this pattern you can have a savings estimator and minimize your energy usage efficiently. This efficiency will thus cut down costs and will help you save a lot of money otherwise spent on electricity.

Automatic timers

The automatic timers on your light bulbs or air conditioners can be really effective for controlling the cost of electricity. These timers freezes the on and off time for devices, and accordingly the usage of device is used in a controlled or an appropriate way.

Final Say

Start following these practices and you will see a reduction in your electricity bill up to 30 percent. Home automation definitely helps you to save your electricity bills.

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